Shunde ji pooh town

Publish Date: 2014-08-24

Make eyes, nose happy - will be built in indoor garden, walk in the courtyard, diffuse rain forest scenery.This is town shunde ji whinny the pooh for guests dedicated vertical garden: fine soft needle kwai, luxuriant rare Sally she prides, coral the keel tree like green jade, as well as the diversity of tropical plants, showing elegantly beautiful rainforests, will bring you different tropical amorous feelings.Shunde version monet gardens purples, contend in beauty doo-yan, antique and chic monet master room, bloom forget time water lily, simple but elegant simplicity of rainbow bridge is eternal theme.
A beautiful love island, through the rainbow bridge erected Mosaic in manet garden water.Stalking the flowers and trees to build the maze, slowly taste of love, when love drowned out by troubles of daily necessities, child rearing, only to "love" the word apart, beginning with "love" to be very considerate, give up not to drop the "mood", has the experience though years hone and affair, there are "hand, and son xielao" view of the present in together.

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