Domain harp hotel outdoor LED display with TV media expressive force strong, large amount of information, content vivid characteristics, and has strong impact outdoor media, mandatory is high, the propagation time advantage. Set television and outdoor media advantage in one of the new media, and domain harp hotel LED screen is right is the 325 national highway, 325 national highway is through longjiang, music from foshan, the important main road traffic, large, always are viewing peak, viewing gold time far longer than traditional TV media.

Plane advertising

The outdoor plane advertisement position is located in the domain harp hotel surface elevation LED electronic display screen, and color with full color outdoor P16 screen the nation's largest LED screen manufacturers - the listed company LianJian photoelectric products
Size: 14.336 m x 6.656 m = 95.42 square meters

Ground light box advertising

Ground light box advertising a total of nine, is for 325 national highway and salon road.
Size: 4.8 m x 2.3 m